Christian Terrorism Comes to Milwaukee | by Mark Juergensmeyer

The recent shootings in Milwaukee Sikh temple is a sad and horrific incident. May Allah protects those who are vulnerable and in critical conditions.

But I wonder what if the gunmen had any sign of being a Muslim background, the media will flood the headlines with Islamic extremism label sort of stuffs.

My point is why the double standards?? As if mainstream media and Christians quickly deny any Christian ideologues for those evil doers. .

An article by Professor Mark Juergensmeyer  a distinguished sociologist of religion titled Christian Terrorism Comes to Milwaukee | in Religion Dispatches blog is an excellent analysis  which highlight this blatant double standard.

Yes if if Osama bin Laden is called Muslim terrorists. certainly Michael Page the Milwaukee gunmen can also be called a Christian terrorist.

Bin Laden and other “Islamic” terror member carried out their crime not for reasons of personal piety (none of them come from religious background, mostly are secular educated engineers) but because they were lured by the image of injustice and oppression from “western” hegemony ie in a war situation. They saw themselves as religious warriors.

And so is Michael Page. The evidence indicates that he thought he was defending the white Christian society against non-white non-Christians invaders. Like TimMcVeigh, and Anders Breivik, it was clear that he battled to save white Christendom.

Demonizing an entire religion is dangerous. It is what I have been watching /listening over the years from the uneducated christian masses when they talk about Islam.


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