Jesus cried out to God on the cross and God heard him

A Christian argue that Quranic narrative on the crucifixion of Jesus s either completely irrational or unjust or both. According to him :

 If it was a real person that was crucified in the place of Jesus then we have a pagan sacrifice of an innocent person in place of the “guilty” person which is what Islamic apologists are always telling us is unjust and pagan. On top of that he must have been a madman who enjoyed being crucified to serve Allah and save the prophet. An alien or a ghost perhaps? Whatever “solution” Islam comes up with it is either completely irrational or unjust or both.

It is a silly argument.

For a believer It is much more common sense to agree with the Quranic narrative .

For a prophet of God to die by crucifixion would have meant God is defeated by falsehood.
The Quran assure that God will defend those who believe (Q22:49) and confound the plots of the enemies of Christ (Q3:54).

If he is indeed  a believer in God, dismissing how God saved one of his prophet (Matthew 14:5, Matthew 21:11, Matthew 21:46, Luke 24:19, John 4:19, John 6:14, John 7:40 , Luke 13:33, Matthew 13:57) as irrational is laughable.

But if he is an atheist then I will accept his anti-supernatural presuppositions.

Anything but irrational nor unjust the Quran solves one problem in alleged crucifixtion of Jesus when he cried for Gods help on the cross “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”

Why should Jesus have thought himself as being abandoned from God at the very moment when, according to innovated pauline theology, he was fulfilling God’s plan??

Is he  seriously to believe that Jesus, who is supposed to be God’s equal according to his logic and a great respected prophet according to Islam fell into deep depression and anguish and God did not help him??


God hears Jesus cry for help and has helped him.

Jesus did not die on a cross but God miraculously took Jesus body and soul into the heavens and God made it appear to his enemies eyes that Jesus was crucified. (Q 4:157-158)

How did God do that?  the Quran do not go into detail how but it is easy for the creator of this Universe to save his messenger and make it to appear not so to his enemies.

This Christian has a gross misunderstanding on what the Quran says. Nowhere in the Quran which says about a man being enjoyed as a replacement for Jesus in the cross.

The Quran is very accurate when it says that those who believe that Jesus *died* on the cross therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow. (Q4:158).

Even the biblical narratives of the crucifixion contradict each other and are therefore untrustworthy. The bible report that a chaos and a great confusion emerged because of the darkness and the earthquake, so that nobody knew, what happened to Jesus.

He and his apologist master J. White deal with strawman here.  Yes Cruficixion event happened as the Quran also tells us (4:157). However it does not necessarily mean Jesus was crucified to death.

Quran categorically did not denies not the crucifixion event/ historicity but the Christian idea of Jesus DIED by crucifixion and ressurected for salvation in the cross.

Jesus did not go around preaching that forgiveness of sins was through his death but instead through simple repentance to God – without a mediator – see Matthew 5-7 ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ for example.


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