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Though I empath…

Though I empathize deeply with the victims’ families, it’s a shame that even after this small taste of her own bitter medicine, America won’t decide to stop the other ‘shootings’ going on around the world. She’ll lower flags for a few days over the 26 killed, but Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and so many others, have millions of children to mourn. Twenty-six/millions. You do the math. We’ve been crying a lot longer than you have.

 Élisabeth Strout 


The Biblical and Quranic approach to Peace and Violence

Islamophobes Christian Evangelicals often discredit the holy Quran by saying the Qur’an is the most violent book in history.

Is there any truthfulness in this claim? you decide.

Here is a recent debate which took place at Helderberg Christian Church Sommerset West Cape Town South Africa on 21st April 2012 on the topic:

“Biblical and Quranic approach to Peace and Violence”

Brother Yusuf Ismail represents the Muslim view and  Jay Smith speaks on behalf of the Christian side.

Please take note that this comprises of 7 video clips of 2:46:07  duration, next clip will automatically resume once the previous clip finishes.