The Glad Tidings Of The Messiah

Examining the words used in the narratives relating how the Prophets died and the verses dealing with the Prophet Jesus’ (pbuh) ascent to Allah’s Presence reveals an important fact: The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) did not die like the other prophets did, nor was he murdered by the unbelievers. Rather, our Lord took him up to His Presence. In this chapter, we will examine the Arabic words used to express how the Prophets died and how Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was raised up to Allah’s Presence, and investigate how the Qur’an uses them.

As we will see in greater detail later on, the Qur’an uses qataloohu (to kill), maata (to die), halaka (to perish), salaboohu (they crucified him), or some other special expressions to describe the death or murder of the Prophets. In the case of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), Allah clearly states that he was not killed in any of those…

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