The character of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ﷺ)

A beautiful and passionate speech from young Da’ee Shaykh Abu Usamah exlplaining the marvelous character of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ﷺ) clearing up misconception from christian Islamophobes such as jay Smith and David Wood.

Shaykh Abu Usamah is the Imaam of Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, U.K. He grew up as a Christian in New Jersey. He found the truth and embraced Islam in 1986; he studied Islam from the University of Medina and earned his degree in Usul al-Deen and Da’wah.

His style and and eloquence in giving Da’wah really impressed me. He is a gift to Da’wah, may Allah gave blessing to Sh. Abu Usamah abundantly. Amen.


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