Refuting Missionary on absurd plan salvation


Ken Temple the internet missionary who has been stalking Muslim blogs and is preying to save Muslim soul to (“his vesion of”) christ yet again made an attempt to defend his position on the salvation.

“We have already answered Paul Williams and others on the question of Jesus dying
and His natures – anyone can understand that if a person has two natures, and
Jesus has 2 natures; and that God cannot die, then it was the human body that
died and the human soul and invisible Deity was separated from the body at
Jesus’ death; and His Divine Power of an Indestructible life (Hebrews 7:16-17,
in agreement with 1 Timothy 6:15-16) that raised Himself back up from the dead.
(John 2:19-22; 10:18)”

His argument is not only illogical, but inconsistent with the incarnation theory that God become man (God Forbid!).

This version of Ken’s god incarnate was each person independent to each natures thus the God incarnation failed to manifest into real human.

If this implies TWO natures of Jesus there was never a real union between god and man in Jesus. The one still was ever decaying . Another was omniscient. The one is immortal, while another one did die. So Jesus was still human and God is still God.

This is theological mess.

Ins Islam, God is unique whether it is in “person” or in “nature” or whatever attribute we want to define. He is the ONLY ONE of his kind. Other so-called mand-god, are never in the same genre as God. There is not such a thing as God-head or God-kind like mankind. The word, God, can only refer uniquely to whose identity is God.

Ken squirmed on the fact  he has been refuted by br. Paul Williams..

“I don’t see the point in continually to beat that argument out. We have explained what the Bible and Christianity teaches. You just refuse to accept it. The reasons that you refuse to understand and believe is explained by Jesus in  John 8:34-58.”

No, unlike your absurd worldview,  I believe muslim like br. Paul Bilal Williams like many other reverts  found liberty in Islam from the absud theory that the world’s sin was redeemed through the death of God .

Islam teach that the purpose of life for people is to undergo a test, immediately after prophet Adam. A constant battle not be tempted to satan’s desire to make people to sin, and to do good. فَاسْتَبِقُوا الْخَيْرَاتِ “hasten towards all that is good” Q 2:148

In Islam we do not believe that Adam would fall, and thereby be damned; and thus God selected only a few to be saved like in Calvinism.

God in Islam is all-powerful, and HE had included the entire human family to be saved since we are ALL born sinless and gave them the free will to choose between good and evil.

We don’t believe in the fallacious vicarious atonement as a substitute for sinners — an innocent person was made to suffer for those alleged to bad things in life.

Islam contend that the object of Jesus life in particular and all prophet’s God in general was to reconcile man toward God, not God to man or God become man.

  • “Every man shall die for his own sin”
  • “To punish the just is not good,”

Thanks God for Islam..


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