Bible Prophecy: The Islamic nation is a great blessed nation

Joels Deceit

Islam is a religion established or revived through Prophet Muhammad, who was the son of Prophet Abraham through ancestry of Abraham’s first born son, Prophet Ismael. According to the Torah,

  • Abraham was promised that his children would be a “great”, “powerful” and “blessed” nation keeping “the way of the Lord”. (See Genesis 18:18-19).
  • God named his first born son “Ismael” (Genesis 16:11) which means “God hears” and God was with Ismael (Genesis 21:20).
  • Ismael was explicitly promised of being a “great nation” (See Genesis 21:13, 18).
  • God promised to have Ismael’s seed greatly multiplied (Genesis 16:10) and dwelling in the presence of his brethren (Genesis 16:12). And Ismael’s seed had their extent of settlement stretched between Egypt and Persian Gulf (Genesis 25:18).
  • Some have tried to argue Ismael as a “wild man” or “wild donkey” based on a mysterious error in text and translation of Genesis 16:12. If the Hebrew…

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