Is Jesus God? Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Seeking Sincerity

I was amazed at how well Dr. Bilal Philips debated with this Christian. It is really difficult  to keep your cool at times when the other person isn’t making any sense. But indeed wisdom is in acting with patience and an open-mind. There’s so much to learn from such amazing scholars masha’Allah. May Allah bless him. 

Here’s the video link of the dialogue and a brief introduction of Dr. Bilal Philips in case you don’t know and following is the transcript of the same.


Christian: I believe that my faith is based on evidence; I believe that it’s based on my own logic, my own understanding; it’s not a blind faith because I don’t think that’s a faith at all, it’s a myth.

Dr. Bilal: No, if you’re saying it’s based on logic and understanding…I mean the core of it, the fundamental, the concept of the trinity is something…

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