Islam and Judaism: a common heritage

Judaism consider christianity is idolatry. While Christians generally focus on the “personality” of God as man- i.e. Jesus, the ways in which He is active in the world – and worship God as a “man”, Muslims and Jews realize that God’s activities are not God “Himself”, and focus on and worship God “in Himself” – the One free of any finitude.

Here, Benyamin Abramson an an orthodox Chasidic Jew from Israel, a historian to the court in Jerusalem. He talk about the similarities between Islam and Jewish customs.

Benyamin Abramson enjoy talking about the hadith, tabari, ibn hisham, wakidi, talking about the kings of chimyar as much as I enjoy talking about the Midrash Rabbah, the Midrash Geulah, Rambam, Tosafot, the Shulchan Aruch. He also like to talk about common prayer customs between Islam and Judaism, He believes that they obviously go back to a common root, a common faith.

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