Rebutall to Farouk’s ‘Discussion with Khidr Amari: Who Are Bani Israil?’ Part 1

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I want to make one thing very clear as a Hebrew Israelite and a Muslim I don’t believe that I have to be a Quranist just to do what my Rabb calls me to do and that is follow what we have within our possession. Being a Muslim is nothing new as Islam is not knew at all. I don’t use the Tawrah, Tanakh, Injil or any of the other Scriptures in my understanding of the new revelation which is the Reminder that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad and Arabs.

I really don’t have a Quranist thought my thought is where do I stand upholding the Reminder because Allah tells us not to make any distinctions between Allah and His Book(s).

Please refer to Farouk’s perspective on the Children of Israel:

Discussion with Khidr Amari: Who Are Bani Israil?

My response to Farouk, I am not a ‘Biblical…

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