Empty Tomb

Christians argue that Jesus had been resurrected because the tomb was empty.

Was it the case? Here is the narrative from the NT:

You and I are living in Jerusalem around the time of Jesus’ death. We hear that this man is supposed to be able to raise himself after three days. Maybe we even believe it. We wait with high anticipation to see what will happen.

Three days pass. Nothing.

A week passes. Nothing.

A month passes. Nothing.

At day 50, you and I are sitting in a cafe’. In burst Jesus’ disciples! They grab us, laughing, and shouting, “It happened! Jesus rose from the dead! Just as he said he would; it’s amazing!”

You and I look at each other. Really? Wasn’t that supposed to happen almost seven weeks ago? We shrug. Maybe we misunderstood. We get excited. You say, “Great, take us to him. We will follow him with you.”

They say, “Oh, well… about that. He ascended to Heaven to be with his Father and yours. Ten days ago. You just missed it.”

I’m not so excited anymore. I sit back down. Do you go with them? If you ask for proof, they say, “Blessed is he who has not seen but believes [anyway].”

Are you compelled to follow this?

Ludicrous. The empty tomb is no argument at all. The story the NT tells is essentially the one I just told you. A hearsay made legend.


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