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45 Scientific/historical Mistakes by Skeptics Annotated Quran Refuted

Yahya Snow's Blog

Article by Yahya Snow refuting the Skeptics Annotated Quran team (Skeptics Annotated Bible)
So the SkepticsAnnotatedBible group have produced a piece on the Quran (SkepticsAnnotatedQuran).

They put forward 45 scientific/historical issues they have with the Quran. They are very brief so this article will answer their issues as briefly as possible.

Generally much of their material is repetitive and the themes of their material are ignorance and ridicule. These answers show the sceptics were being unreasonable and even ignorant in bringing these forty five points up.

1.And He taught Adam all the names.”
Allah taught Adam all the names of the plants and animals, which must have taken a while since there are 1.7 million species that are known today, with probably another 10 million or so that are yet to be discovered. And this only includes those that are alive today. If extinct species are included (~99%), then…

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An Eye for an eye

(5:45) And therein We had ordained for them: ‘A life for a life, and an eye for an eye, and a nose for a nose, and an ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth, and for all wounds, like for like.

74 But whosoever forgoes it by way of charity, it will be for him an expiation.75 Those who do not judge by what Allah has revealed are indeed the wrong-doers.74. Cf. Exodus 21: 23-5.75.

Whoever forgoes his right of retaliation does a good deed which will atone for many of his sins. The same is confirmed by a tradition of the Prophet (peace be on him) in which he said: ‘Whoever receives an injury on his body, then pardons (the inflictor of the injury), his sins are atoned for to the measure of his pardoning.’ (Ahmad b. Hanbal, Musnad, vol. 5, pp. 316, 329 – Ed.) My beloved brother as you can see that Allah azza wa jall has made this pratice permissible, however,know that it is best not to retaliate, for to do so expiates many of ones sins

Imam Suhaib Webb – Real Islam: A Response to Bill…: