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Prophet Ishmael, peace be upon him part I: “Wild Ass” Man?

Prophet Ismail

نبي الله إسماعيل

Brief philological analysis on the term “Wild Ass” in Genesis 16:12

Many christians see Muslims, Arabs, and what is happening in the east as a direct fulfilment to Genesis 16 11-12 by deeming all prophet Ishmael (ص) (Ar. إسماعيل‎ ʾIsmāʿīl) descendants  i.e. Prophet Muhammad (ص) , the Arabs and Muslims in one derogatory category “wild ass of men”.

As a result they develop a racist view and built-in hatred towards Arabs and muslims for centuries since the spread of Islam, through the middle ages until modern day phenomenon known as Islamophobic prevalent in ‘christian’ nations these days. Moreover fundamentalist and evangelical christians seem to love to ridicule muslims and prophet Muhammad based on the understanding from this passage in the Hebrew Bible,.

We try to briefly examine, was prophet Ishmael(ص) really a ‘Wild Ass’ Man (Astaghfirullah) or Is it  a deliberate character assassination due to the enmities which arose in prophet Abraham’s extended family contributed to the translation  of Gen 16: 12?

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