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“Three Stages of Jihad”, Rebuttal to David Wood

Br. Osama Abdallah from has added a new 38-minute video rebuttal that refutes David Wood’s video, which he called “The Three Stages of Jihad”.

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Will the real violent book please show up?


One of the most favorite topic of the islamophobes evangelical christians in demonizing Islam is making the impression that Islam is the source of bloodthirstiness and intolerance . They attack the character of the Prophet Mohammad and claims that Islam is a uniquely violent due to the nature of scripture found in the Quran.
The 9/11 WTC incident is one of the most well known terrorist attack in the recent decades and the Christian Islamophobes are keen to point out that the perpetrators got their inspiration from Quranic theachings.
Now for one who has been more than 30 years reading the Bible and studying Christianity, I found that this is the most hyprocritical allegation they are making. “In terms of its bloodthirsty and intolerant passages, the Bible , contains scriptural violence that is no match in the level of “violence” found in the Quran. If you read the Bible closely you will find that it offers a specific scriptural justification for suicide terrorism unlike in the Quran.
While the Qur’an offers nothing explicit beyond general exhortations to a just warfare in the name of God. Passages of the Bible, in contrast, seem expressly designed for suicide terrorism. There is story of Samson in the Bible when he committed suicide upon thousands of people.
Islam is the latecomer when it comes to terrorism is quite new and those Middle East and Arab terrorist who drove a recent wave of global terrorism came from secular persuasion. Most arab anti-Israeli activists were secular socialist nationalists, and Christians arab played a prominent role in the movement’s leadership.

Not only that evangelical islamophobes are hyprocrtically making association of Islam and terrorism, they seems to distant themselves with Christian terrorist portraying them as being anything but Christian, a blatant double standard.
If if Osama bin Laden is called Muslim terrorists, certainly Anders breiviks, Michael Page , Mcveigh etc. are all Christian terrorists.
Bin Laden carried out their crime not for reasons of personal piety (none of them come from religious background, mostly are secular educated engineers) but because they were lured by the image of injustice and oppression from “western” hegemony ie in a war situation. They saw themselves as religious warriors.
And so is Breivik. His manifesto indicates that he thought he was defending the white Christian society against non-white non-Christians invaders. Like TimMcVeigh, Michael Page, it was clear that he tought he battled a crusade to save Christendom.
The KKK for instance are basing their beliefs on a “religious foundation” in Christianity. The goals of the KKK included, from an early time on, an intent to “reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible,” and believe that “Jesus was the first Klansman. Their cross-burnings were conducted not only to intimidate targets, but to demonstrate their respect and reverence for Jesus Christ, and the lighting ritual was steeped in Christian symbolism, including the saying of prayers and singing of Christian hymns.

Many modern Klan organizations, such as the Knights Party, USA, continue to focus on the Christian supremacist message, asserting that there is a “war” on to destroy “western Christendom.”
Again even if one apply the same standard to the the Bible text as you did to the Quran the method employed by Islamophones christians what anyone can find is the Bible contains far more verses praising or urging bloodshed than does the Quran and are far more extreme, and marked by more indiscriminate savagery.
Yet the very few passages in the Quran which seems to suggest the believers to fight it also commands that enemies be shown mercy when they surrender. This is a just and legitimate fight. One dont have this in the Bible!
Some frightful portions of the Bible, by contrast, go much further in ordering the total extermination of enemies, of whole families and races – of men, women, and children, and even their livestock, with no quarter granted.
Some verses is so savage it advocates to seize infants and smash their skulls against the rocks.
Thats why Muslims do not think that this book full of savagerys really is the genuine zaboor, the Tawraat and the Injeel, the previous revelation from God mentioned in the Quran.

OT vs NT
Evangelical christians tend to argue that “God of the Old Testament” is a different violent God from the God of love as in the New Testament. They places the origins of Bible violence squarely within Judaism.
To me this does not work because it means Christians dont believe in the OT books, there is no more Judeo-Christian context. It means Christian must repudiate the Old Testament as an “unchristian” book, and thus put them in the same boat as the muslim that the text contains apparent contradictory and absdurdity as signs it has been tampered with human hands.
However on a close examination you will see that the New Testament while does not have the same reputation, it too is “filled with violent words and deeds, and Jesus and the God of the New Testament are complicit in this violence. In Mat 10:34, Luke 12:49-51 Jesus is clearly leading an armed rebellion. Nothing wrong with that only if this is interpreted as a just war.
Unfortunately just war is not clearly outline in the Bible like it is in the Quran.

Hyprocitrical Argument
While ignoring the lack of discrimination between combatants and non-combatants in the Bible where God seems merciless not to leave anything that breathed hyprocitrically these Islamophobes tend to focus their attention on a few passages within the Qur’an which seem to suggest that Allāh encourages Muslims to subjugate non-Muslims, and even to take their lives if they refuse to yield especially like to quote Surah (Chapter) 9, Ayah (Verse) 5, which has become known as the “verse of the sword” (Ayat al-Sayf) and on Surah 2:190-194.

An excellent explanation on those verses from a military man who know a just war can be found here in this blog.

These Islamophobes evangelical christians need to wake up that applying the same standard then it should be impossible for them to live their faith without the genocidal violence that so abounds in their Bible.

Christian Terrorism Comes to Milwaukee | by Mark Juergensmeyer

The recent shootings in Milwaukee Sikh temple is a sad and horrific incident. May Allah protects those who are vulnerable and in critical conditions.

But I wonder what if the gunmen had any sign of being a Muslim background, the media will flood the headlines with Islamic extremism label sort of stuffs.

My point is why the double standards?? As if mainstream media and Christians quickly deny any Christian ideologues for those evil doers. .

An article by Professor Mark Juergensmeyer  a distinguished sociologist of religion titled Christian Terrorism Comes to Milwaukee | in Religion Dispatches blog is an excellent analysis  which highlight this blatant double standard.

Yes if if Osama bin Laden is called Muslim terrorists. certainly Michael Page the Milwaukee gunmen can also be called a Christian terrorist.

Bin Laden and other “Islamic” terror member carried out their crime not for reasons of personal piety (none of them come from religious background, mostly are secular educated engineers) but because they were lured by the image of injustice and oppression from “western” hegemony ie in a war situation. They saw themselves as religious warriors.

And so is Michael Page. The evidence indicates that he thought he was defending the white Christian society against non-white non-Christians invaders. Like TimMcVeigh, and Anders Breivik, it was clear that he battled to save white Christendom.

Demonizing an entire religion is dangerous. It is what I have been watching /listening over the years from the uneducated christian masses when they talk about Islam.

U.S. Gunman enter Sikh Temple and guns down 6 people

I wonder what if the gunman had any sign of muslim, the media will flood the headlines with Islamic extremist/terrorist sort of stuffs.

If you look at the photo of the gunman Wade Michael Page, we can see clearly on his tattos, like it or not, he is undoubtedly an excess of Christian extremism. I wonder why is this blatant double standards??

Under the Mountain Bunker

We can’t see Wade Michael Page’s 9/11 tattoo that has been previously reported. But there’s one prominent tattoo we can see clearly on Page’s left shoulder—the number “14” over the Celtic Cross:

Here’s what it means (from ADL’s Visual Database of Extremist Symbols, Logos and Tattoos):


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