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The Making of a Messiah: Featured in Today’s Bible History Daily

The Making of a Messiah: Featured in Today’s Bible History Daily.


Tawhid – Ar – Rububiya in the Gospel

Teachings of Allah’s unity of Lordship in the Gospel of Matthew


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In the latter stages of the Umayyad dynasty/caliphate, Islamic scholars felt a need to explain the elements of Islamic Monotheism – Tawhid, under some categories. One such category came to be known as Tawhid – Ar – Rububiya. Literally, it meant: Maintaining unity in Allah’s (SWT) Lordship.

Although much of Christianity digressed from the strict and straight path of absolute Tawhid, yet shades of monotheism can be found through the pages of the so called “Injeel”.

In this paper, we seek to bring to light all such Gospel teachings found in the “Gospel of Matthew” which reflect God’s perfect unity with regards to His Lordship! But before we proceed, let us briefly ponder into what Tawhid – Ar – Rububiya means and what are its…

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Br. Shadid’s presentation is spot on. His vast knowledge of the gospels and the old testament makes it a very convincing argument on Jesus (p) as being a prophet of God. May Allah bless br. Shadid further.


Ibn Qayyim – O Cross Worshipers, we want an answer!

A wonderful poem ,beautifully crafted , lucidly refuting christianity.
Appealing to the intellects , based on common sense.

By the great scholar of Islam Ibn Qayyim. He the student of Ibn Taymiyyah a classical scholar of Islam.